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Understanding. Balance. Care.

Family Care

The stress on family members of transplant patients can seem overwhelming. Besides the heavy emotional burden of worrying about the health of a loved one, family members often struggle to balance work, family, and financial pressures that can make it difficult to offer the support and care needed by a patient undergoing the organ transplant process.

At the UNC Center for Transplant Care, we understand well the demands on family members and others integral to the patient's recovery, and we've made it our mission to help ease those pressures however possible.

During the transplant process, you'll be faced with a bewildering array of questions and concerns, and we encourage you to take advantage of the resources we have in place to help you on this journey. Counselors are available to work with family members worried about the challenges to come, whether care-related or financial.

UNC medical professionals, too, take special care to answer loved one's questions in simple, honest language that can help you better understand every part of the transplant process, from procedures, to your loved one's condition, to special challenges to come.

For family members who need affordable housing during their stay in Chapel Hill, we can help arrange accommodations in the SECU Family House or in area hotels or apartment complexes.

Special attention is also given to patients and their caregivers from outside the area by arranging multiple doctor visits so out-of-town patients can make the most efficient use of their time when they're here at UNC.


At UNC, we understand well the emotional and physical needs of children with serious illnesses and injuries, especially those with severe conditions requiring an organ transplant. Family and loved ones, too, endure tremendous strains that require a special blend of medical expertise, empathy, and caring to support everyone in their time of greatest distress.

UNC is the home of the North Carolina Children's Hospital, which opened in 1992 to provide advanced, comprehensive care in a child-friendly, family-focused environment. More than 1000 employees with special training in pediatrics, including those with sub-specialties in organ transplantation, work together to provide care and support for the whole family.

We are one of a select few centers performing lung transplants in children, and the North Carolina Children's Hospital ranks in the U.S. New and World Report's Top 10 nationally for children's respiratory disorders.

UNC is also a nationally recognized leader in cystic fibrosis and other respiratory diseases, cancer, heart disease, hemophilia, sickle cell, and trauma, including severe burns. We also specialize in treating children with gastrointestinal disorders, infectious diseases, birth defects, and problems of growth and development.