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Why Choose UNC?

At UNC, collaboration between specialists is part of our treatment protocol. And it’s that dedication to bringing different specialties and disciplines together in devising a unique treatment plan for each patient that has played an important part in our ongoing success with liver transplants.

Collaboration between our clinical and research teams gives UNC patients important advantages in access to the latest immunosuppressive medications and other innovative medical strategies.

UNC has specific strengths in the proactive and integrated care of patients with liver cancers, viral hepatitis, and fatty liver disease. Bolstered by an oncology team with a special interest in liver cancers at the NC Cancer Hospital here on our medical campus, UNC has built the largest program in the state for treating patients with liver cancer.

The recently expanded bed capacity at UNC allows us to serve a greater number of liver patients. In addition, our efficient patient-transfer process allows us to accept appropriate transplant candidates for transfer within 24 hours of referral.

Emergency air transport is available through Carolina Air Care, which offers both helicopter and fixed-wing service.

HRSAThe UNC Liver Transplant Program has received national recognition from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for superb performance in transplantation. UNC Liver Transplantation Program was the only liver program in North Carolina to receive the 2012 Transplant Program bronze medal for achieving significantly lower than expected mortality for patients on the national liver waiting list.