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Advancing research. Improving outcomes.

At UNC, our kidney transplant outcomes consistently top national averages. And since 1968, when we performed our first kidney transplant, our research has focused on constantly searching for new techniques and medications to attain even better results.

UNC surgeons performed the first laparoscopic-assisted live-donor kidney removal procedure in North Carolina. The operation is performed through small incisions in the abdomen, which reduces recovery time, scarring, and post-operative pain for altruistic kidney donors. By reducing discomfort, it is hoped that more people will consider becoming living kidney donors, either as a direct donation to a loved one, or as an exchange involving multiple donors and recipients. Today, nearly all live-donor procedures at UNC are performed using this least-invasive procedure.

At UNC, our care is world-class. And so, too, is our caring. Patients here are not only treated by the finest surgeons, specialists, nurses, and support staff. They’re also treated with a special compassion and respect for human dignity that truly distinguishes our program.

From the moment new patients enter the program to long after returning home, our experienced transplant coordinators and staff establish a close bond with each individual, and provide immediate and ongoing support to both patients, and those integral to their recovery.

Backed by the resources of UNC Health Care, our team of dedicated surgeons, comprehensive support staff, and leading-edge researchers have built a world-class transplant center with access to the latest techniques and technologies.