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The Kidney Transplant Team at UNC

Transplant patients at UNC benefit from a multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, specialists, researchers, nurses, coordinators, and counselors working together to help achieve the best possible outcomes. This team approach to care means every patient who comes through our doors is treated with a unique plan that takes into account the differences that distinguish every person's situation.

After the initial medical evaluation, potential kidney transplant candidates then meet with our transplant coordinators, social workers, psychologists, financial coordinator, and other specialists as needed to determine the best course of action.

Surgeons and specialists on the kidney transplant team include:

Transplant Nephrologists

Transplant Abdominal Surgeons

Transplant Infectious Disease

  • Pearly Chong, MD
  • Anne Lachiewicz, MD
  • David van Duin, MD

Transplant Psychiatry & Psychology

Transplant Pharmacists

  • Jennifer C. Deyo, PharmD
  • Ruth-Ann M. Lee, PharmD

Additional Multidisciplinary Team Members include:

  • Amy Woodard, RN, BSN, CNN, CCTC, Living Donor Coordinator, Lead Kidney Coordinator
  • Latonia Bulgin, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Gwen Dusek, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Erin Fisher, RN, BSN, Inpatient Nurse Coordinator
  • Wincent Fontenelle, RN, BSN, CNN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Colleen Frazier, RN, BSN, CCTC, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Liz Friedman, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Carrie Frueauf, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Jessica Hawn, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Lynn McCoy, RN, CNN, Pediatric Nephrology Nurse Coordinator
  • Julie Ramsey, RN, BSN, CNOR, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Bev Rodegast, RN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Dawn St. Louis, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Trish Thompson, NP, Abdominal Nurse Practitioner
  • Kathy Vershave, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Megan Zink, RN, BSN, Kidney Nurse Coordinator
  • Kate Artin, LCSW, MSW, CCTSW, Clinical Case Manager
  • Shanta Johnson, LCSW, MSW, Clinical Case Manager
  • Caitlin Mayton, LCSW, MSW, Clinical Case Manager
  • Jennifer Mize, LCSW, Clinical Case Manager
  • Tonia Alston, Financial Coordinator
  • Sherry Hall-Judd, Financial Coordinator
  • Yulanda Horton, Lead Financial Coordinator
  • Jessica Owens, Financial Coordinator
  • Marcella Twamley, Lead Administrative Associate
  • Shermeka Arrington, Administrative Associate
  • Teresa Bullock, BSM, MSM, Administrative Associate
  • Cherisse Hardin, Administrative Associate
  • Nykki Stock, Administrative Associate
  • Emily Ramsey, RD, LDN, Transplant Registered Dietitian