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Why Choose UNC?

Together with the UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care, UNC Heart Transplant offers a multidisciplinary team of specialists for every patient and a full spectrum of treatment options for those battling advanced heart failure: from medical management and electrophysiology (EP) device therapy of heart failure to the latest ventricular assist devices (VAD) and heart transplantation. Our team provides tailored care options that increase both length of life and quality of life for patients with advanced heart failure. Since the first heart transplant in 1986, the center has cared for over 300 recipients. Our care team remains passionate about their focus on balancing state-of-the-art care while maintaining a personalized approach.

Every patient at NC is evaluated individually and provided a unique treatment plan that balances length of life and quality of life according to his or her own wishes. Our collaborative approach to care allows every patient to benefit from the full knowledge and resources of the entire transplant team.

Patients who undergo heart transplantation or VAD implantation have 24/7 access to nursing coordinators to assist in routine issues and during emergencies should they arise. UNC is unique in having transplant trained specialists to provide multidisciplinary care to our patients. This includes transplant Infectious Disease Physicians, transplant pharmacists' and a psychiatrist dedicated to transplant. UNC patients may also benefit from participating in clinical trials conducted by our research team, allowing access to promising new therapies that may not yet be available at other hospitals.

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Heart & Vascular Care

The UNC Center for Heart & Vascular Care has an experienced multi-disciplinary team that collaborates to provide personal, patient-centered care. The transplant team includes heart failure cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, nurse coordinators, psychologists, a social worker, financial counselors, and other consultants as needed.

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